About Us

Junior Consulting Team

The Junior Consulting Team e.V, JCT in short, is located in Nuremberg and was founded in November 1990.  Inspired by the French Junior Enterprises, our members advise companies of all kinds and sizes.

The association consists of ca. 60 students from the Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and from the Georg-Simon-Ohm College of Applied Sciences, who come from diverse fields of study. While most of the members have a background in economics, other fields such as engineering, social studies, law and IT are present as well. The highly interdisciplinary composition of JCT allows to provide consulting solutions for all business processes.

The membership in a Junior Enterprise means above all the development from a theory-oriented, classical student to a versatile junior consultant who is distinguished by his innovative and unconventional approach. Not only our more than 120 satisfied customers benefit from this unique combination of science and practice, but also the members, who can gain valuable project experience during their studies. Since our foundation in 1990, generations of student consultants have proven their skills and passed on their knowledge to the next generation.

As one of the most experienced and oldest Junior Enterprises in Germany, we are also a founding member of the Bundesverband Deutscher Studentischer Unternehmensberatungen e.V., or BDSU in short. Our extensive network also includes the international association JADE. In this way, we actively contribute to making the idea of student management consulting better known both nationally and internationally. Numerous alumni, curators and cooperation partners are part of the JCT network.

If you want to know more about JCT, feel free to get in touch at one of our info booths or via our contact info provided below.